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Learn My #1 Strategy in Creating Massive Amounts of Content in Less than an Hour per Week

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If it's one thing that I know will remain the same no matter how many changes we face on line, is the need for CONSISTENT , GREAT content.  And even though I know this is the case, I also recognize that creating that much content and running your business can be a challenge.  That's why I created the Social Media Take Down, to make running your online creation a breeze.  


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Creating fresh and engaging content doesn't have to be a pain in your side. The Social Media Take Down is designed to save you time and energy so you can get back to doing the things in your business that you love!


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What You'll Learn

Content Creation Techniques

How to Re-purpose Like a Pro

Common Mistakes

The Best Ways to Start

Tools You'll Need

The Strategy to Bring it all Together

About Your Instructor

Kae Whitaker

Kae Whitaker

Digital Marketing Coach & Strategist

I'm Kae, just an easy going mom that loves making money online! My passion is helping other busy women entrepreneurs harness in on the skills that are important to creating revenue online, and doing away with the things that don't matter.

I have a heart for all things beauty, fashion and design, but my first love is teaching you how to slay the internet and get paid!

You can connect with me easiest on Instagram, and be sure to send me a message to let me know you came!

See you in class!


If you are seeking knowledge, growth, accountability and support from a group, this is the one to join. Your business will be transformed and so will you.
Shirle Perkins CEO @ Lady Perkins
So often I think that we as business owners spend the majority of our time on courting and servicing clients, and rightly so, however placing an emphasis on the business' actual foundation is priceless with Kae!
Kristina Kellogg CEO @ Ultimate Events Unlimited
If you're going to learn from Kae, be prepared to think outside of the box you created for yourself and be prepared to take action. Kae gives simple yet super effective steps to take your business to the next level but you have to be willing to move.
Reita Johnston Lead Coach @


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The tools I use to help me organize my thoughts and strategically plan out my content.


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